From real to virtual through multidisciplinary exchanges                            

We look forward to seeing you soon for the first edition of Breast Cancer Update in Dubai.

The content of this event, meticulously designed in both its format and substance, is aimed at all specialists interested in breast cancer. The concept of ​​establishing a group of experts of different specialties is certainly not new, but ensuring that presentations and discussions can be of practical interest to doctors from different backgrounds is less common.

The format of interactive scientific conferences is evolving under the pressures of technology and health constraints. BCU hopes to embrace the positive aspects of these changes. Breast cancer is a brilliant example of multidisciplinary consultation; we intend to deliver this conference and unite experts of different specialties. Short verbal interactions, which answer specific questions, followed by multidisciplinary discussions.

The virtual world has transformed how we interact with each other and this trend has drastically accelerated over the past 2 years. We see this as an opportunity to significantly increase our interactions and develop connections with a varied and multidisciplinary audience. All discussions will be broadcast online to our live platform with an interactive Q&A system and a Replay Room will be available on the same day.

The tools we require are available! It’s up to us to make them our own.

Looking forward to meeting you in Dubai or online.

Luc Rotenberg, MD, BCU General Secretary

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