President and co-president: Pr JIN Zhen Yu and Dr Sophie TAIEB

Progam and Scientific Organizers: Pr JIN Zhen Yu, Dr Luc Rotenberg, Pr Christine Hoeffel

Academic Partners: Chinese Society of Radiology, European Cancer Prevention



President and co-president: Pr Ricardo GARCIA MONACO and Pr Philippe Charles Douek

Program and scientific organizers: Pr Juan Mazzuco, Pr Alfredo Buzzi, Dr Luc Rotenberg, Pr Christine Hoeffel

Academic Partners: SAR (Societad Argentina de Radiologia), CARVI (Collegio Argentino de Radiologia Vascular y Intervencionista), ECP (European caner Prevention)



President and co-President: Dr. Shrinivas Desai and Dr. Luc Rotenberg.

Program organizers: Dr. Vimal Someshwar, Dr. Gireesh Warawdekar.  Scientific organizers: Pr. Christine Hoeffel, Dr Rochan Pant, Dr. Suyash Kulkarni and JFIM scientific committee.

Academic partners: ISVR (Indian Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology), FRI (French Fédération of Interventional Radiology) and ECP (European Cancer Prevention).


HANOI Vietnam

President and co-President: Pr. Pham Minh Thong and Pr. Yves Menu

Honor Presidents: Pr. Jean-Michel Tubiana and Pr. Philippe Devred

Program organizers: Dr. Luc Rotenberg, Pr. Nguyen Duy Hue, Dr. Bui Van Giang, Dr. Vu Dang Luu

Academic partners: VSRNM (Vietnamese Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine), SFR (Société Française de Radiologie), ECP (European Cancer Prevention Organization)