Thrombectomie veineuse

Deep vein thrombosis DVT has an incidence of 1/1000/year. The treatment is based on anticoagulation for more than 6 months and elastic stockings for 2 years. DVT is the 3rd most common cardiovascular disease and is found in 15 to 20% in patient with cancer and is the second cause of mortality in this patients after cancer itself. One should remember that pulmonary embolism kills more people in Western Europe than AIDS/Breast cancer/prostate cancer combined.

Thrombectomy is an effective and promising technique that can be performed under local anesthesia with few thrombolytic and short hospitalization. It may reduce the incidence of post thrombotic syndrome (Venous obstruction, Reflux, Oedema pain), be helpful to manage intravenous access for patients under chemotherapy. Randomized controlled trials are much awaited to confirm those potential advantages.

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